Welcome Message - Pool Hayes Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs. K Vaughan
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Dear Families,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Pool Hayes Primary School. We are very proud of every member of our school family and believe fully in Going for Gold in everything we do.
Our children carefully follow our Golden Rules: Be Safe, Be Ready to Learn and Be Respectful. We believe that these rules help create an environment in which our children feel inspired to learn. Many of our pupils have moved on to thrive in higher education and embark on successful careers.
We offer an exciting learning experience that meets the needs of all of our pupils. If you enter any of our classes, the children can’t wait to tell you what they’ve been learning. Outside of school hours we offer a range of clubs, some of which are planned by our older children and supervised by staff. One of these led to us winning a runners-up award in the national finals of the Peter Jones Foundation’s Tycoon Enterprise Competition.
Tours of our school are offered by appointment. Please have a look at our school website and see some of the exciting opportunities we offer.

Kelly Vaughan




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