Healthy Schools - Pool Hayes Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs. K Vaughan
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The Healthy Schools programme gives support to schools wanting to create an enjoyable, safe and productive learning environment whilst minimising potential health risks.
The National Healthy Schools Programme is funded by the Department for Education and Skills and the Department of Health, with a regional and local network implementing the work locally.

The National Healthy Schools Programme aims:

• To support children and young people in developing healthy behaviours
• To help to raise pupil achievement
• To help to reduce health inequalities
• To help promote social inclusion

The Benefits of Being a ‘Healthy School’

It is self-evident that pupils can fulfil their potential only when they are healthy, happy and at ease in all areas of their lives.

“A healthy school is one that is successful in helping pupils to do their best and build on their achievements. It is committed to ongoing improvement and development. It promotes physical and emotional health by providing accessible and relevant information and equipping pupils with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health.

A healthy school understands the importance of investing in health to assist in the process of raising levels of pupil achievement and improving standards”.

Schools are encouraged to work at achieving the awards in the following areas of school life:

• School organisation
• Ethos
• Environment
• Family and Community
• PSHE and Citizenship
• Drug Education (including alcohol and tobacco)
• Emotional Health and Well Being
• Healthy Eating
• Physical
• Safety
• Sex and Relationship Education

Pool Hayes Primary School was last awarded Healthy School Status in July 2010.

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