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Headteacher: Mrs. K Vaughan
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Welcome to the House teams and learning mascots page. The presentation below will give you a clear indication of the vital role that our four houses and House Captains have at Pool Hayes Primary School.
It is the role of our House Captains to represent all of the children at Pool Hayes Primary. 

House meetings:
House captains meet every other week to discuss the ideas, decide on the most effective ways to change and improve the school and then talk to the people who can help to make it happen.
They regularly share news and information about new initiatives and the important things which are achieved.

Together we can help Pool Hayes Primary School to continue to grow and succeed.

PHP House Captain Constitution
House captains need a constitution because it will :
•    Provide everyone with a clear statement of purpose
•    Set out the rules and procedures to make sure it runs effectively and successfully
•    Provide clear guidelines for all members

Purpose :
1.    To allow the children at Pool Hayes Primary School to have a voice
2.    To help the school and community to become a better place
3.    To help to improve learning in the school
4.    To raise funds for the school and selected charity organisations

Members :
House Captains will be made up of representatives from upper Key Stage Two.
Each member will meet regularly with all classes in the school and give feedback to the whole group.

Elections :
Elections will be run without prejudice or discrimination.
Any class member is entitled to run for House Captain and the decision in each class will be made by a secret ballot.
Children wishing to be considered for House Captain will need to present a speech to the school giving clear reasons and examples of why they are the most suitable candidate for the job.

The 2020/21 House Captains for Pool Hayes Primary are featured below.
They are as follows:
Representing children in Salus - Billy and Jessica
Representing children in Populi - Lola
Representing children in Suprema - Ekamjot
Representing children in Lex - Chethna 
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