Reader Leaders - Pool Hayes Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs. K Vaughan
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Reader leaders at Pool Hayes Primary School

Our Reading Leaders programme is a great way of improving literacy skills and particulary the enjoyment of reading by training older pupils to support younger ones.
Older pupils are natural role models for younger ones and young people often find communicating with peers a lot easier.

There are many benefits for both the Reading Leader and the younger child they are supporting;
  • Improved reading and communication skills
  • Raised confidence and self-esteem
  • Better engagement at school

Our highly trained leaders (who all passed the accreditiation with flying colours) use their skills to:
  • Understand how it feels to be a struggling reader
  • Diagnose reading difficulties
  • Motivate and improve reading skills
  • Plan reading sessions and select appropriate resources

Our Reading Matters co-ordinator; Mrs Snape believes that “all of our children have benefited from their time with the Reading Leaders. These are children who may not read at home, so having the opportunity to read with older pupils is crucial for developing their skills and confidence."

“The Reading Leaders all absolutely love it too. They have gone way beyond what we expected of them, setting up a lunchtime reading club on their own and inventing games to play with their reading partners. They have become champions of reading in school."

You can find out more about our school and 'reading matters' by clicking here.

The gallery below shows our Reader Leaders hard at work improving outcomes as mentors for younger children.

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