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Headteacher: Mrs. K Vaughan
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It is our policy to NOT allow Holidays During The School Term

The Facts

The Education Welfare Service recognises that it is often expensive to take a holiday during school breaks, and that is why some parents may ask for leave during term-time for their child. However it is important that parents consider the implications of taking their child out of school during term time. Research suggests that children who are taken out of school may not be able to “catch up” on course work that they have missed.  This may affect the test results and can be particularly harmful if the child is studying for final year exams. Children who normally struggle with English or Mathematics may find it even more difficult when they return, while younger children may experience difficulties renewing friendships with their classmates.

The Law

The law states that parents do not have the right to take their child out of school for holidays, during term-time. In exceptional circumstances the head teacher can authorise leave of up to ten days in any one school year. If a child stays away from school after this authorised period, the school register may be marked as an unauthorised absence.  This will remain on the child’s record.  From September 2004 parents will be issued with penalty notice fines for such unauthorised absences.

The National Average

The national average of a child’s attendance is 95% many children are falling below this average due to authorised absences taken for holidays.

The Decision

In making the decision whether to grant term-time leave for a child, the Head Teacher will consider:

The age of the child, duration of the leave, child’s attendance record, child’s ability, term-time leave, parents occupation e.g. Military Forces, Public Sector etc..

There are times during a school year when a child may experience particular problems if leave is taken, such as:

During exams or tests such as SATS (Standard Attainment Tests) in year 6the first two weeks of a new Academic Year

If the school denies a request for term time leave, but the child is still taken out of school, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence and could result in the matter being referred to the Education Welfare Service. The fine issued is £60 per child, per parent, per week.

Children whose attendance falls below the national average at half termly reviews are automatically referred to Education Welfare.

If you would like to discuss this matter in more detail, please contact the Education Welfare Service, EDC, Pelsall Lane, Rushall, Walsall, WS4 1NG on 01922 652860. 
If you wish to talk in person please make an appointment with the Education Welfare Office.

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