Parent Questionnaire - Pool Hayes Primary School

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We conduct regular Parent & Pupil Questionnaires, in order to get feedback about our school. It is important to us to gather parents'/carer's views, as well as that of pupils in order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of our children, and families. Parents can also register their views through Parentview, which is Ofsted's way of collating the parents' perspective of a school.

It is important, however, for parents to discuss any issues or concerns with their child's class teacher, in the first instance. An appointment with class teachers can be made by telephoning the school office, or by speaking to them in the playground at the end of the school day. In addition, you can always book an appointment to see Mrs Vaughan or any of the Senior Management team (click here for our staff list).

Results from the Ofsted parent questionnaire

Your feedback - what have we done about it?

Communication – “We don’t always get letters from school.” All letters are now sent by email. Hard copies are available from the office on request. Two additional communication links have been established - the parent feedback drop box in the entrance to the school and a 'give feedback' (click here) section on the school website. All methods are in place to ensure communication is possible at every level even without coming into the school building.
"We need hard copies of letters."  We provide hard copies of letters from the school Reception desk. A new letter holder has been added to the school reception area so parents can easily obtain any current letters in hard copy format.
Meet the new class teacher - “Meeting in the Autumn term is too late to find out new routines and procedures.” These meetings are now held in the Summer term.
Parental involvement - “We would like to be more involved with school.” As well as workshops that are run throughout the year, parents and family members are invited to have lunch with their children in school once a year and to class assemblies once a term. Additionally - the PTA are always looking for new members to support their fundraising ventures (please contact the PSA - Mrs Davis; click here for contact details). There are other events planned for parents to become involved with so please check your inbox for newsletters and letters.
*New for 2018/19 - "Inform parents after each term of the progress of their child by sending home a mini report and areas they need to focus on."  We have a planned termly format for reporting progress to parents and full reports go out to parents in the Spring Term in order to address any concerns early as a partnership. This is in addition to our open-door policy and termly parent meetings.

Thank you for the fantastic response to the parent questionnaire this term and we aim to address all of your valuable feedback.

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